By Mike Jones


A poor pup that was left for dead has finally found her forever home and is excited to spend her first Christmas with her new family.

May, a lurcher pup, was found sick and malnourished in a supermarket car park in North London, when she was only three months old.

She was very poorly and probably would be put to sleep but she has now made an amazing recovery and is about to experience her first Christmas.

Her owner, Charlotte Banks, 29, from Cirencester, Gloucestershire said: “I’d been looking for a rescue dog for a while and something about May’s picture pulled on my heartstrings.

I was set on a rescue, because there’s so many, and it’s not their fault, they are just unlucky.

“There was something about her that jumped out at me, she was curious and she was really cute.”

May was lucky a passer-by spotted her and took her to a vet, as she was suffering from parvovirus which can be fatal in pups.

Thankfully she was taken into Blue Cross’s animal hospital and after a week of treatment and around the clock care, she was finally healthy.

Alison Thomas, Head of Veterinary Services said: “When she arrived at the hospital she was extremely weak and dehydrated, just skin and bones.

“She was unable to keep any thing down, bringing back water every time she tried to drink- it was heart breaking to see a dog in this condition.”

Luckily, May recovered and was placed into a centre in Bromsgrove in order to find a home and soon after, she met her owner, Charlotte who loved her straightaway.

Charlotte added: “When I discovered her terrible past and how she had been so neglected and had been left to die, I knew I had to take her home and make up for the first few miserable months of her life.

“I’m excited for Christmas, I want to treat and pamper her because she had such a bad start in life.

“She will be spoilt rotten this Christmas and for all her Christmases to come.”