By Niamh Shackleton


Sporting a perfect moustache, Charlie the cat appears to be taking the internet by storm – as people love her odd fur markings.

Looking every inch the re-incarnation of famous actor Charlie Chaplin, eight year old Charlie has gone viral with her hilarious pictures.

The 1920s actor was well known for his iconic moustache and bowler hat combo and for featuring in films such as The Kid, The Gold Rush and A King in New York.

As her weekly photos gather in over 5,000 likes a time, the domestic short hair mix’s unique attribute only serves to make her even more loveable.

Charlie was found in a neighbours garden with the mother and siblings by owner Stacy Music, from Alabama, USA, when she was a kitten and Stacy instantly knew what to name the pur-fect pet.

Stacy, a secretary, said: “People love seeing pictures of Charlie – I’m forever posting pictures of her on social media and she always gets a great response, with some posts generating over 5,000 likes!

“When Charlie was around three or four months old, I noticed a little moustache and thought she resembled Charlie Chaplin – which is where I got the idea for the name ‘Charlie’ from.

“Then, over the years, the moustache got a bit bigger so the name stuck.”

Whilst Stacy doesn’t intend to make Charlie internet famous, it’s clear to see this unusual cat stands out from the crowd – but to the family she’s simply the perfect family pet.

Stacy added, “To us, she’s just Charlie. She’s part of the family.

“When I first found her with her mother and siblings, they were completely wild and the mum had obviously given birth beneath my neighbours van.

“The others didn’t show much interest in becoming a domesticated, but Charlie kept coming up to the house which is why we ended up taking her in.

“Her mum and siblings stayed wild, but my neighbour kept an eye on them to make sure they were doing OK.

“She’s a great cat and she loves her family very much and if anyone is too loud, she will walk in and kind of referee.

“Charlie always walks up to me when it’s bedtime and sleeps next to me.

“People tell me she looks more like the singer Freddie Mercury or actor Tom Selleck, but she has been Charlie for almost nine years, so too late to change her name now!

“People love Charlie and also comment on her moustache – a few even go as far to say she’s the cutest cat they’ve ever seen.”