Offbeat Video

By Lucy Notarantonio


A horrified mum videoed the moment she claims a MAGGOT wriggled out of her son’s chocolate coin despite being almost two years off the sell by date.

Evie Chisholm, 26, from Port Talbot, Wales said she purchased a packet of Paw Patrol chocolate coins from her local Morrisons, on November 16 for two-year-old son Jacob Bobrowski.

But the stay-at-home mum said she was left horrified after peeling off the wrapper of the final coin and noticing ‘something white’ on the edge.

She began to investigate and says she was gobsmacked to witness a tiny maggot begin to crawl out onto her kitchen table.

After filming the ordeal to warn others, Evie emailed Morrison’s in a bid to get the ‘rest off the shelves’ but as they are not the manufacturer, they chose not to comment on the findings.

Jacob was upset when his mum told him he couldn’t have any more of his favourite treat, which is made by Italian company Walcor.

Evie said: “I instantly felt sick and panicked when I saw the maggot as Jacob had already eaten the pack, it was his last one left.

“I peeled the foil off each one and didn’t see any maggots, but I was worried in case I missed one.

“I was so worried in case Jacob became sick but thankfully he was fine and none the wiser about the maggot.

“I immediately videoed to warn other people to be extra vigilant when they buy chocolate as this wasn’t due to go out of date until September 2021.

“I got in touch with Morrisons who asked for proof of purchase but I only bought the chocolate and a drink so threw it away.

“I have also contacted Walcor as I want the chocolates taken off the shelves to prevent this happening to more children.”

Paw Patrol is Jacob’s favourite cartoon, but his mum has been ‘put off’ from purchasing any more of the chocolate.

The video on Facebook has been shared 1,000 times.

She adds: “I have been super cautious with everything I open now as I am horrified.

“I want other parents to see the video and to check food before giving it to their little ones.”

A spokesperson for BIP Candy and Toys said: “We are aware of this incident which arises from the purchase of the Paw Patrol Chocolate Coins on 16 November.

“As the distributor of this product we are concerned about any suggestion that the product does not meet the high standards set by our manufacturers, our customers and ourselves.

“We will, with the manufacturer, undertake a full review of the product history and investigate how such an incident could have occurred.

“Until we have more detailed findings and the opportunity to inspect the product we cannot usefully comment any further.”