Animals Video

By Charlotte Orie


A colourful and quirky cat with different coloured eyes has won over the people of Instagram with his unique looks.

Bowie the cat, who’s named after the late David Bowie, was adopted by owner María Lloret, 31, from Benidorm, Spain, when he was just three months old after he was abandoned in a park near to where she lived.

Bowie has a condition called heterochromia which causes a difference in coloration, usually of the iris but can also be of hair or skin.


María, a property developer, couldn’t say no to taking in the unusual kitty after her sister, Julia, saw on social media the then young kitten was looking for a home.

María said: “A week after my wedding last year – my sister Julia saw Bowie’s photo on a Facebook post from a vet clinic.

“He was originally called ‘Punky’ at the shelter because of his mohawk, but I loved David Bowie so I couldn’t think of a better name for him!

“The shelter said that Bowie was abandoned in a park nearby and they couldn’t keep it much longer so Julie went to see him.

“Upon seeing Bowie, Julie fell in love and decided to get him or us – it was the best wedding gift ever.

“He was only around three months old when we got him and he was the cutest thing!”

After being gifted Bowie, María decided to set up an Instagram page for her four legged friend which now boasts over 26,000 followers.

She said: “Over the internet, people have written all kind of lovely things.

“Somebody wrote that he looked like a James Bond villain or quite often people say that he looks like a Picasso painting!

“When people meet Bowie in person they can’t believe he’s real as he’s so colourful with his eyes, the reddish nose and pink ears.

“The tiger stripes on his paws make him even more unique too.”

Some cats with heterochromia are deaf, but fortunately this isn’t the case with Bowie and he’s living his best life in Benidorm with his mum, María.


María added: “I get approach a lot by heterochromia cat owners asking if he’s deaf as a lot of cats with heterochromia suffer from this condition since deafness is common among white cats with blue eyes or with heterochromia.

“This is because the white gene can occasionally cause the degradation of the cochlea (the part of the inner ear involved in hearing) aside from causing the change of colour of one or both eyes.

“Luckily Bowie is not deaf , he just chooses not to listen!”