Amazing Nature

By Mike Jones


The incredible moment a lemon shark appeared to high five a stunned diver has been caught on camera.

Debbie Wallace, a dermatology physician assistant from Naples, Florida, loves shark photography and snapped the moment while diving in Jupiter, in August this year.

Debbie said: “I want to dive every day, especially with sharks – shark photography is such a challenge and so much fun.

“We typically chum for sharks to draw them in for the photographers- we have a shark ‘wrangler’ that once the sharks are in, the wrangler will hand feed the sharks a small snack to keep them with us.

“Sharks, contrary to popular belief, are not man eaters but are very curious and will definitely interact with divers, especially photographers.

“The lemon shark in most of the photos with the genetic abnormality of a ‘smile’ is very well known in the Jupiter area.

“Her name is Snooty and she has to be the most photographed shark in the world.

“Tom Walpole, the diver getting a ‘high five’ from Snooty, happens to be a fairly new shark diver.

“What was going through my mind at the time of the ‘high five’ was how calm Tom was during the interaction, and it looked as though he was really enjoying himself.

“Shark photography takes a lot of work and tons of patience.

“When photographing sharks, one must constantly change the f stop, shutter speed, intensity of the strobes, as you move through the water column or the location of the sun.

“Sharks get such a ‘bad rep’ by the media and in my images, I certainly try to portray the ‘softer’ side of sharks.”