Amazing Animals Life

By Charlotte Orie


A woman is giving rescue dogs the most memorable adventures, as rather than just walk them, she takes them hiking, canoeing and skiing.

Rachael Rodgers, 36, from Alberta, Canada, has been volunteering for several animal organisations for two years and decided to start showcasing her unique walks with her four legged friends after a photo of her own dog went viral.




Rachael, a waitress and photographer, said: “I take dogs on hikes, paddles , cross country skiing, road trips, and flying once with my parents.

“I like to go to places that aren’t well known if I have a dog who may be reactive but, if I have a cute puppy, I may head to the busiest spots in the national park to bring attention to volunteering opportunities and have even met adopters on hikes.

“I try to take them to scenic places because photos of dogs in scenic settings are more eye catching which they need to be on a huge platform like Instagram; it makes them more likely to get shared and get someone’s attention.”

Rachael commonly takes the rescue pups to Banff National Park and various Alberta Provincial Parks too.

The doting dog owner believes she’s taken out over 200 dogs to date.



Rachael added: “I take dogs from shelters or from foster homes for a day or two on adventures in the mountains to try to get to know them well enough to describe them to potential adopters.

“I describe the dogs by character and with video and photos I’ve taken on our day out together.

“It became so obvious that descriptions of their likes, dislikes, and character could help these dogs not just to get adopted, but to get adopted by families who truly appreciate and love.”

Rachael has a book coming out next year which will be a guide to using social media to get dogs adopted.