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By Niamh Shackleton


An adorable dog is frequently mistaken for a stuffed teddy bear, much to the amusement of its owners.

The tiny pooch was adopted by Steffen Finstad and Sofie Lund, both 23, in May 2019 and the pair often find people mistaking Oliver for an actual teddy bear.

Lovable Oliver is an eight month old Spitzpoo puppy (a mix of a German Spitz Klein and Toy Poodle) from Oslo, Norway, and is arguably one of the cutest dogs on Instagram – with the social media star’s followers often posting comments asking if he’s actually a toy.

Steffen said: “Sofie and I were looking for a cavapoo originally, but came across Oliver and instantly fell in love.

“We had never seen a dog as cute as him before so we knew we had to get him.

“On a daily basis, people always come up to him and say hello and comment on how much he looks like a teddy!

“I was once on the subway with him, and a little boy asked if he could hold him thinking he was an actually toy, not a dog.

“When we went to go pick Oliver up back in May, he jumped straight into Sofie’s lap.

“He was the most timid of his siblings but he definitely seemed like he was ready for a family with Sofie and I – he enjoys the stability and security.”

Steffen and Sofie decided to set up an Instagram for Oliver when they became bored one afternoon, never guessing their four legged friend would generate so much interest.

The tiny social media star now boasts over 63,000 followers.

Steffen added: “Sofie and I were bored during our summer holiday so randomly decided to set up an account for him.

“As well as this, we live in a different city from our family and friends so we thought it could be good way for them to keep up to date with how Oliver’s doing.

“We obviously knew Oliver was super cute, but we had no idea he would get so popular – it can be pretty overwhelming at times!”


To keep up with Oliver’s adorable adventures, follow him on Instagram and YouTube: @oliverthedogx