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By Federico Cornetto


A dog that was found starving and crying on the side of the street is now living her best life thanks to kind-hearted rescuers.

Dog rescuer Tina Solera received a call from a group of people who had found a distressed Spanish greyhound abandoned on the street in Murcia, Spain, in August.

Tina, who is originally from the UK but runs rescue charity Galgos Del Sol in Murcia, immediately drove to the scene and found the poor pooch lying on the ground, looking emaciated and in pain.

The greyhound, who was later named Matilda, began crying with fear as Tina approached her to rescue her.

Tina said: “I’ve never really heard a dog crying like that before, she sounded like she was in a lot of pain.

“She was biting, and of course the one time I needed the muzzle, I didn’t have it.

“I was so stressed out with her screaming, that I just got in the van and went.”

Despite the fact that Matilda was covered in ticks, had a fever and was clearly malnourished, tests showed that she had not sustained any serious physical injuries.

Tina said: “There was nothing wrong with her physically, it was all emotional.”

Matilda was taken to the charity’s facilities, where she met all the other rescue dogs Tina takes care of and began her rehabilitation.

Three months later, Tina shared new adorable videos and photos of a happy-looking Matilda playing with her dog friends and getting ready to meet her new owners.


On October 28, Matilda’s new owner, whose name has not been made public, wrote on social media: “Well, Matilda, now called Dizzy, has been with me for a week.

“I have to say, she is not what I expected.

“I thought I would be working to develop her confidence, I thought she would be shy and timid.

“How wrong I was!”

“Already miss this little munchkin” Tina added in another post, “But they have to move on to the sweet life!”

Tina’s charity specialises in the rescue of Spanish greyhounds, known as ‘galgos’, who are used as hunting and racing dogs and are often disposed of when they are no longer of use.

Tina said: “Galgos are widely used by hunters in the rural areas of Spain for both hunting and hare coursing with betting.

“They are considered disposable and when the short hunting season ends each year, tens of thousands are abandoned or brutally killed by their owners to whom they are no longer of use.

“When you meet a galgo, they do get into your heart and soul.

“They are so gentle, and they are the most badly treated dogs here in Spain.

“All the abuse that they face, and yet they are so willing to forgive so quickly.”


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