Animals Video

By Chris Jaffray


Adorable footage has captured the moment a hound was stroked by a fake Halloween hand – and loved the attention.

Siberian husky Houdini, 10, came across the hand in question which was attached to the boot of a car and, apparently believing it to belong be a human friend, moved closer to be greeted by it in the hilarious viral video.

The hand, which had been hung from the vehicle as part of a Halloween prank, clearly soothed the 10-year-old mutt, from Vancouver, Canada,  as he continued to be stroked by the fingers despite them not being real.

Noelle Collins, the daughter of Houdini’s owner Pam Steen, said it was normal for the pooch to be patted by strangers so he clearly enjoyed his moment.

The heart-warming viral footage has racked up thousands of likes and shares online.

Noelle said: “The fake hand was on a car Houdini walked by on the street.

“It was a Halloween prank, it’s the first hand like that I have seen.

“He is a very funny dog and rubs up against people’s hands like that when he wants to be petted, so he thought this was someones hand who wanted to pet him.

“I knew that the video would be received well online because we all thought it was very funny, but I was surprised to see just how far it reached.”