Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This adorable video shows the happiest Shiba Inu with a smile from ear-to-ear and tail that could resembles a helicopter.

Whenever Yuka Itakura returns home in Yokohama, Japan, she is greeted by her adorable Shiba companion, Mocca.

These clips showcase Mocca’s happy mood whenever she sees Yuka, but not by freaking out and going crazy but to smile and exhume happiness.

Mocca sits relatively calm on her bed while she gives a huge smile and awaits fuss from Yuka.

The cute clips also see the obvious happiness giveaway in a canine, the tail wag but Mocca’s eyes are tightly shut in elation.

Yuka said: “Every time the owner comes home, Mocca greets her with her happiest and purest smile.

“Her ears become horizontal like airplane wings, tail like the helicopter propeller, eyes squinty and she will instantly melt your heart.

“While Shiba Inu’s can be very  independent and unaffectionate,  Mocca is the most loving, gentle, and friendly pooch.

“She greets me like this almost every day but she would also greet all guests the same way too.

“She makes me realise how lucky I am to have her every time I see her airplane ears and smile.”