Offbeat Video

By Neo Bye


A self-taught artist transformed a 12kg lump of rust into a replica of Thor’s hammer.

Jakub Hanzelka may have been woodworking all his life, but in the last eight months he has been casting his own replica weapons.

After receiving a huge lump of metal, the 24-year-old from Urcice, Czech Republic, set about removing the brown rust and polishing it to a high shine.

Jakub then fashioned an intricate wooden handle before staining it dark brown and setting it into the heavy metal head, finally completing its transformation into ‘Mjolnir’.

Jakub said: “I love the Avengers films, but personally I’m more of a Loki fan.

“That didn’t stop me wanting to make Mjolnir and I love using my own skills to bring these ideas to life.”