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By Joe McFarlane


A pair of rescued bobcats have become fully domesticated after mastering how to use the toilet like humans.

Monaco and Cairo the exotic bobcats were rescued from a sanctuary by Melissa, 45 and Mick McAllister, 47, and brought to their home in Mckinney, Texas.

Unable to ever be released back into the wild, elder Monaco, three-years-old, and youngster Cairo, seven-months-old, have slipped into the domesticated lifestyle incredibly easily, even becoming potty trained.

Neither animal shows shame, happily sitting on the toilet seat, and sometimes even in the bowl, to relieve themselves.

Melissa said: “Bobcats innately like to pee in water to hide the scent of their urine. So as soon as they found the toilet in the house, they preferred to pee in there.

“Them peeing in the toilet sure makes life cleaner and easier.”