Life Offbeat

By Hannah Phillips


WORLD FOUR CHEESE has broken out after an independent pizzeria claimed Domino’s stole two of their recipes.

Cheesed off bosses at Crazy Pedro’s, which has branches in Liverpool and Manchester, claim the pizza chain copied two dishes which have been on their menu since 2014.



Company pepper-owners allege there are strong similarities between Pedro’s ‘World-Famous Hot Dog Pizza’, which was launched in 2014 and is topped with beer-soaked hot dog slices, American cheese, crispy onions, French’s mustard and ketchup, and Domino’s ‘New York Hot Dog Pizza’ which launched last month and is topped with hot dog slices, sizzling red onions, mozzarella and mustard mayonnaise.

Staff also claim Domino’s popular ‘Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza’, which hit takeaways last year and contains ground beef, gherkins, onions and burger sauce, is almost identical to ‘The Mac Daddy’ they launched in 2015, which is topped with smashed up ground Big Mac, Mac sauce, cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce and pickles.

Discussing the crust of the matter, a spokesman for Crazy Pedro’s said: “A few years of these bad boy pizzas, and Domino’s just had to make one for themselves.

“We get it, Pedro is pretty cool, everyone wants to be like Pedro.

“But watch out, as he believes revenge is a dish best served HOT, just like a piping hot pizza.”

Social media manager Nick Coupland, 28, said the restaurant’s fans online flagged the similarities between the meals.

In retaliation, Crazy Pedro’s have launched their own Two for Tuesdays deal across all three of their restaurants, to celebrate their original joint’s fifth birthday.

Today [TUES] all 16-inch pizzas are buy one, get one free.

Nick said: “People on social media brought it to our attention.

“Our fans were just saying ‘why are Domino’s copying Crazy Pedro’s?

“Our pizzas get a lot of attention but it’s a back-handed compliment.

“It’s a back-handed compliment really.

“If you’re as big as Domino’s you should be thinking of your own stuff and thinking outside of the box.

“Our stuff is a bit crazy and wacky, so at least see what other people are doing before you shout about what you’re doing.”