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By Niamh Shackleton


A mixed raced mum has been left extremely surprised by her baby boy who has red hair and fair skin – with some strangers asking if he’d been ‘swapped at birth.’

Ella Gayle, 23, from Nottingham, has Jamaican, Italian and Irish heritage and has jet black hair and dark skin – so when Luca, now seven months old, was born with red hair, it came as quite a shock.

Luca’s dad, Christian Henman, 29, is white but also has dark hair – leaving the pair to question where the bubbly baby, who also has blue eyes,  got his unique look from.

Ella, a financial difficulty advisor, said: “You can see Luca’s hair from a mile off when we’re out and about and people often stare because the two of us look so different.

“Luca’s dad has blue eyes like him, but other than that, there’s not a huge amount of physical similarity between Luca and us.

“People have jokingly asked if Luca was swapped at hospital and we were given the wrong baby but I  had a home birth so that isn’t actually possible!”

Following Luca being born, Ella has since done more research into the gene and discovered that it must been the case both Ella and Christian carried the gene.


Ella added: “I have two cousins with red hair, but that’s the only immediate family both Christian and I have with red hair – other than that, there’s no one!

“People are forever coming up to us when we’re out to comment on Luca’s amazing hair; it’s mainly abroad when I get funny looks from people about the obvious difference in looks between us.

“I don’t mind people staring to be honest, I love to show Luca off!

“Since my post on Facebook about him, he’s actually been offered a modelling contract which is super exciting.”