Nature Video

By Joe McFarlane


Captivatingly gross video shows how 3000 maggots devour a cucumber in less than a day.

Butvilo Sergeevich may be a TV screenwriter, but he is also an avid science buff, and wanted to see how quickly larvae eat food.

Setting up a camera at home in Petrozavodsk, Russia, he tipped an army of black soldier fly larvae on top of the green vegetable and left them to their work.

Speeding the process up in a timelapse video, the maggots can be seen burrowing their way through the skin and into the flesh before eating the salad item inside out.

Butvilo said: “Black soldier fly larvae eat food and are gaining great popularity in being used to destroy biowaste;

“I was interested in seeing how quickly they would eat food and did not expect them to do it so quickly.”