Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


A dog with a broken foot managed to lead rescuers to her 13 puppies she had managed to hide in undergrowth.

When rescuers from Stray Rescue of St Louis spotted a stray dog hopping from paw to paw in East St Louis on June 11, they trapped her for treatment.

Noticing she was nursing, Donna Lochmann and colleagues went searching and found the litter hidden perfectly in dense undergrowth.

Slowly but surely, all 13 were passed carefully out through the vegetation and to safety.

Natalie Thomas, director of marketing, said: “Mom did a great job protecting them.

“They were all chubby little puppies.

“She was very thin, you could see her spine, and we believe her foot injury was an old wound caused by being hit by a car.

“The hardest part was crawling through the dense patch of woods to find them.

“We scoured every inch and finally found them, sort of under a log/fallen tree.

“It is an amazing feeling to know they won’t grow up on the streets, scrounging for their next meal.”


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