Amazing Nature Video

By Joe McFarlane

Breath-taking drone footage showcases the incredible patterned art that this artist has created on the beach.

Raed Shakman, 37, flew his drone over the shores of Brean Beach in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, where Simon Beck was working on one his mesmerising projects on August 31.

The pattern resembles a spiralling flower etched into the sand as Raed’s DJI Mavic drone soared past the beach.

Simon can be seen finishing the final two petals of the immense piece of work that dwarfs Simon due to its 50 metre size.

Raed said: “ Simon is one of the most passionate, unique and genuine people I have ever met, he has a great passion for patterns and shapes which he tries to reflect with his art.

“Simon describes himself as a Snow Artist, he comes out to Brean Beach and does his sand art when he’s not pursuing his passion of drawing on snow.

“I wanted to show people what it takes to come up with such a beautiful result, how he does it and where.

“I also wanted to show people what he does after it’s done and how the tides, yet again, beautifully embrace his drawing as if to tell Simon to come back again for another drawing on this beautiful beach.”