Budding historians and monarchy faithfuls can now OWN a piece of an English king.

Charles I’s tomb had been missing for some time after his death until workmen discovered it by accident when building King George III’s tomb.

The pair of locks were snipped off his head when he tomb was re-discovered in 1813 after his body was exhumed by King George III’s physician, Sir Henry Halford.

King Charles the I was king of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1625, until his execution in 1649 for high treason.

A representative from JustCollecting, who are auctioning the lock of hair, Dan Wade, said: This is a great piece for any historians out there looking for a real part of an ex-king.

“It’s a one-of-a king listing that is sure to turn some heads, it’s up for auction now so any interested parties will have to get their bids in quick.”

The locks are on sale today [MON] and will remain on sale until November 14 [THURS]


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