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By Charlotte Nisbet and Mollie Mansfield


A schoolboy who was teased for ‘looking like a girl’ after growing his long locks for 18 months has finally revealed his secret pledge to help The Little Princess Trust.

Proud mum, Ellen Widdup, 39, had no idea her nine-year-old, Kit Porritt, was planning to donate his hair to the charity despite him refusing to cut his golden locks since last May.

Kit’s long mane often led to strangers assumed he was the opposite sex – and he was even approached by a modelling agency looking for new female faces.

But Kit said that although his ponytail meant putting up with a lot of playground jibes, he always shrugged them off as he knew it would be all worthwhile when he finally revealed his secret pledge for the charity which makes wigs for children who have lost their hair to cancer treatment.

Kit finally had his mop chopped on November 8 after telling Ellen, a mum-of-three, about his plan and managed to donated 10 inches of hair.

Ellen said: “Kit has never been the kind of child who conforms.

“At the start of last year Kit had asked about children who battling cancer after seeing something on TV.

“He was upset at the thought of another child losing their hair so I explained that people can donate if their hair if it’s long enough.

“We didn’t speak about it again but it was after this conversation that Kit began to refuse having his hair cut and said that he wanted it long.

“We lost track of how often he was mistaken for a girl – we even gave up correcting people – but when he was asked to do some modelling for a girls clothing brand he thought that was utterly hysterical.

“He is brave and bold and stubborn and determined. But he is also exceptionally empathetic and sensitive so this kind of endeavour is right up his street.

“I am very proud of him – and I’m very relieved that I do not to have to try and get a brush through it every morning.”

Kit, who lives with mum Ellen, sister Ruby, 12, and brother Zeb, four, in Hollesley, Suffolk, had his haircut at Evelyn Jacks salon on Market Hill, Woodbridge.

Ellen posted a video of Kit’s drastic image overhaul on her social media accounts with over 12k people commenting and sharing his story.

He has also asked friends and family to donate to the charity – with £250 raised in the first 24 hours.

Kit said: “I wasn’t really bothered by the jokes. Lots of people thought I looked like a girl but maybe they just haven’t ever seen a picture of Kurt Cobain.

“When I first started growing it, it was because I wanted to look like him but then I read a story about a girl who had chemotherapy and all her hair had fallen out and it made me feel sad.

“My mum told me if I carried on growing my hair I could donate it to be made into a wig and that sounded like a really cool thing to do.

“I’ve pretty much kept it a secret because I wanted my friends to get a shock when I walked into school looking completely different.”

Kit is excited to showcase his new look today [November 11] at school after successfully keeping his secret for 18 months.

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