Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


A gentle giant of a dog and a tiny pup have perfected the little and large friendship.

Standing at five and a half feet tall and weighing more than 100 pounds, Zammy the therapy Sheepadoodle can definitely be considered a gentle giant.

When not spreading joy with owner Todd Pitner around the hospitals of Tampa, Florida, Zammy can be found playing with his best friend, four-month old little Lexi, a miniature Toy Schnauzer.

With Zammy’s huge following on Instagram, the internet’s ‘floofiest’ dog has become beloved worldwide, and now with little Lexi in tow, the pair’s videos have become binge-watch fodder for millions.   b

Todd said: “We wanted to get another dog and I thought the enormous discrepancy in size between Zammy and Lexi would be adorable.

“They are best of friends. Zammy is good with Lexi like he’s good with the kids at the hospital.

“If everyone loved like Zammy, there would be no pain, sadness, tears, loneliness, hunger, strife, or division.

“There would be no handicapped, no race or religious differences, no judgement or hate.

“When you witness Zammy interacting with others, he sees through untainted eyes, which are filtered by one lens only, love.

“When he’s gazing into your soul with those deep, brown almond eyes, when you viscerally feel his long, flowing hair in your hands, so amazingly soft, so long and inviting, it is like petting a cloud or cotton candy.

“When you’re in that moment, there truly is no pain, tears, loneliness, hunger, strife or division, just joy, love and wonder.

“After being provided the God-given honour of raising Zammy from eight-weeks old, and after witnessing the positive impact he has had on so many others, I just cannot keep his joy-spreading power to myself or limit to just my family.

“We aspire to provide an authentic, joyful, well-deserved break for the brain. Your brain. Your children’s brains.”