Amazing Video

By Jack Mobley

A photographer captured the morning sunrise with hundreds of hanging hot air balloons float across the beautiful landscape.

Sasha Juliard was in Cappadocia, Turkey to witness the taking off and landing in October 2019.

Using his drone, Sasha sent his camera up into the sky and recorded the rising balloons as some began to deflate.

The satisfying hyper-lapse combines both the slow moving balloons and the eventual rising of the sun into a stunning scene.

Sasha: “I was in utter awe mixed with excitement, I was there with some other photographer friends and we were geeking out running around trying to capture as much as possible and it was incredible.

“This occurs every morning (weather permitting).

“Seeing the hot air balloons take off and rise as the sky is changing colour and the sun starts peering over the horizon is absolutely beautiful.

“I am not sure how many balloons were there, but over 100, I would guess between 200-300.”