By Niamh Shackleton


This little and large duo have become the best of friends and now even dress the same.

Pooch Charlie, a seven-year-old Bichon Poodle and Sawyer, a four-year-old, Goldendoodle, were adopted by their doting dog mum, Paige Chernick, 31, from New York, USA.

Paige, a social media director, first adopted Charlie in 2012, but wanted a fur sibling for her four legged friend, so adopted Sawyer three years later.

From matching scarves and bandanas, to dressing up as coffee cups and New York’s famous yellow taxis – the two two pups always look great.



After adopting Charlie, Paige decided to set up an Instagram page for the pup and eventually fur sibling Sawyer was featured on the page too.

Paige now dresses up the adorable duo up for their 151,000+ followers.

She said: “They’re very different in size; Charlie is less than half the size of of Sawyer, but I always try and make sure they wear the same outfits as it’s so cute.

“I’ve photographed them wearing matching suits pretending to be lawyers for Halloween – it’s very funny. Even though they are different breeds, they are both so fluffy with similar hair – they look like little and large versions of each other.”

“I always try to buy things that will be comfortable for them first, and fashionable or funny second as I hate putting them in something that they don’t like or cannot walk in.

“I see things online, brands reach out to us, or pop culture events will inspire their outfits or costumes.”

Paige initially set up the page when she first adopted Charlie – hence the Instagram handle – but couldn’t resist posting pictures of Sawyer too after she joined the family.

She added: “I set up the Instagram page for Charlie, before I had Sawyer, just for fun.

“I found myself posting multiple puppy pictures on my personal social media accounts and I didn’t want my friend list to be annoyed with so much doggy spam so I told my friends and family that they could follow Charlie if they wanted to see her photos.

“Little by little, people from all over the world started following to see what she was up to, and it grew from there.

“Then, once I rescued Sawyer, their audience loved seeing the dynamic between the two of them. It kept growing and growing!”

To keep up with Charlie and Sawyer’s fashion trends, you can follow them on Instagram: @puppynamedcharlie