Offbeat Video

By Neo Bye

This gratifying clip depicts nine pixel-perfect logos in domino form to then knock all 25,000 over.

Alex Lehkamo, 18, painstakingly set up and copied the design of nine iconic fast food chains in his home in Pori, Finland.

The entire project took 20 hours to complete, spread out over the course of a week ending on September 20, before the toppling, which only took a matter of minutes to finish.

The logos include world renowned: McDonalds, Domino’s and KFC finally ending on the Finnish brand Hesburger.

After the satisfying chain is complete, Alex has to clean up and put away all of the fallen dominoes.

Alex said: “I’ve done a lot of logos from dominoes in the past and I just randomly got the idea to do fast food logos when I was eating a hamburger one day in our very own Hesburger.

“Each logo took me less than two hours to build and clean up.

“I first got introduced to dominoes almost ten years ago by my friend and it was just a hobby until recently, when I started getting recognition for my work.”