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One little kitty prefers to get his fur wet rather than stay warm indoors, as Gary the adventurous cat goes kayaking and hiking around the beautiful wilderness of Canada.

Gary the adventurous cat breaks the age-old stereotype of the fat, lazy, domesticated cat.

Along with owner James Eastham, 30, the adopted five-year-old domestic longhair hops aboard a kayak to sailing along the great lakes of Alberta and when not getting his fur wet, Gary will even go for hikes across the rocky terrain.



James said: “Gary’s favourite outdoor activity is paddling, but he also enjoys going for hikes. This winter I’m hoping to take him cross country skiing, and maybe for some easy ski tours as well.

“Gary is quite happy being outside. He loves water and especially paddling.

“Recently Gary has figured out how to follow trails, which has made hiking with him a lot easier. Now instead of trying to explore wherever he feels like, he will actually walk where we’re going.”

And though Gary stands out in the natural landscape, he’s not completed removed from his house Cat counterparts.

James said: “Often he’ll lazily drag a paw through the water as we float around. He often naps on the kayak too.

“While it took him a few weeks to get comfortable with our adventures, now if we haven’t taken him out often enough, he’ll sit at the door and cry.”