Life Video

By Neo Bye


This is the heart-stopping moment a woman almost falls down the Grand Canyon while taking a photo of her mum.

Emily Koford and her mum Erin were visiting the Arizona landmark from Texas on October 28 when they decided to take a picture for some memories.

While Kevin Fox watched on from a smaller observation on the south rim of the canyon, 20-year-old Emily can be seen backing up to get more of the scenery in the shot.

Not watching where she is stepping, and with no guardrail to stop her, her right foot slips off the rock and almost sends her stumbling to the ground below.

Fortunately, she is able to stop herself at the last minute, reaching down on the ground with her hands as her mum rushes relieved to hug her.

Kevin said: “I wanted to show my kids what not to do. I didn’t realise what was going to happen.

“I had taken a picture and then started a video because I wanted to show the full extent of the danger.

“I show what is below and then come back up to see them walking around on the edge.

“I’m very thankful that both ladies are doing well.”

Kevin – who was there with a friend to run the Grand Canyon the following day – actually passed the mother and daughter later on and explained he had actually captured everything on video.

He said: “They were laughing— but in a nervous way.

“We realised we were both from Texas and then we went on.”

Emily had been backing up to make sure she got a full body photograph of her mum.

Erin told local news: “I saw that the ledge was right there and I said, ‘don’t take another step back’.

“Twice I said that.

“My stomach went up into my chest.

“I was scared and angry all at the same time, so I just went up and grabbed her.”