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By Hollie Bone


A creative dad has transformed a pumpkin into an incredible likeness of Boris Johnson.

David Finkle, 40, from Chelmsford, Essex, has been turning root vegetables into Halloween art as a hobby for 12 years, and has previously carved famous faces including David Cameron, Lord Alan Sugar, Dame Maggie Smith, Jeremy Clarkson and Craig Revel-Horwood.

Honing his skills over the last decade, October has become the busiest time of year for the dad-of-two turned professional pumpkin artist, who sells his spooky sculptures for up to £1,000.

David voted to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum but was inspired to depict the PM as a pumpkin this Halloween as a light-hearted take on how much of a ‘horror show’ the drawn out Brexit process has become and to mark Boris’ former ‘do or die’ leave date of October 31.



David, a museum manager by day, said: “The whole subject of Brexit is a bit of a horror show really.

“I thought it would be a funny nod to Boris to carve him into a pumpkin for Halloween after his ‘do or die’ vow that Brexit would happen on October 31.

“I think he would have a good laugh about it, there’s an inner child in him at times.

“I think he appreciates this sort of thing and he’s got a great sense of humour.

“Whether you voted for or against Brexit, I think he stepped forward to grab the bull by the horns to get Brexit sorted.”

Although Halloween is Dave’s busiest time of year, he still finds time to create Harry Potter and unicorn designs with his two daughters Maisie, eight, and Chloe, five, who put their dad under the most pressure to display his skills.

But the arty parent revealed he discovered his talent by accident when he took part in a pumpkin carving competition in his local village.

Now Dave can turn out a magnificent piece of Autumn Gold in just a few hours, but says his most difficult commission – a recreation of Dame Maggie Smith – took a whopping eight hours.

He said: “The carving is just a hobby, but it’s a hobby which means in the month of October I’m in huge demand.

“It’s about 12 years I have been doing it now, it all started when our village had a pumpkin carving competition and I decided to do a spooky graveyard scene.

“As the years went by I kept pushing the boundaries and my ideas got harder and harder to the point where I could carve a human 3D portrait.

“Carving Dame Maggie Smith was probably the most difficult one I’ve done, and incredibly time consuming.

“Obviously being in her later years her facial features were very intricate and it took me eight hours from start to finish.

“This year my own two little girls are putting the pressure on me to carve with them because I didn’t get chance last year.

“They’re demanding unicorns and Harry Potter themes so that should be a little easier!”