Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


An urban explorer headed into the the UK’s most haunted abandoned prison in order to capture some spooky footage.

Urban explorer and YouTuber Neil Ansell, 28, headed to the infamous Dorchester Prison in Dorset after discovering that it was the UK’s most haunted prison.

The eerie abandoned prison has gained the dubious reputation of being haunted after a number of executions took place there since it’s opening in the late 1700’s.

Since it closed in 2014, the prison has allured Neil due to its spooky appeal.

Exploring the entire prison, from its empty cells and echoing corridors, Neil felt a distinct atmosphere in the air, especially as a seance was occurring during Neil’s visit in order that the dead prisoners could communicate their woes.

Neil said: “I have wanted to explore the prison ever since it closed.

Neil said: “I felt very excited to explore Dorchester prison but also apprehensive for what I was going to find.

“I’m not a great believer in ghosts or anything to do with the paranormal, but I did feel as though I was being watched and as if something was following me around. Maybe by someone who didn’t want me there.”