Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A special friendship between a garbage man and an elderly woman has blossomed over the months, as the pair walk hand-in-hand in heart-warming footage captured by a doorbell camera.

Back in January 2019, Opal Zucca fell as she was trying to bring her trash can back up her driveway and unfortunately got hurt but luckily for the 88-year-old, Billy Shelby who works for Waste Management in the city of Independence, Missouri, was there to help her back up her driveway.

Ever since the pair have been good friends with Billy still helping Opal back up the driveway every time the pair meet, as was caught on her doorbell camera on October 15.

With the heart-warming footage being captured on Opal’s Ring doorbell, which is monitored by her daughter Colette Kingston, Colette decided to share Billy’s continuous kind gesture with the world.

Colette said: “It made my eyes tear up. It was so sweet that someone would take time to help my mom.

“My mom thinks he is very sweet and appreciates him helping her and being genuinely friendly.

“We just want people to remember that doing small things can make a big difference in others’