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By Randal Coombs


A caring fisherman rescued a stranded seagull ‘destined to die’ after it was caught up in a fishing line off the back of a boat.

Lincoln from Land Fish TV was walking through Brighton Breakwall in Melbourne, Australia, when he spotted a bird thrashing off the back of the boat.

Crossing over the jetty to take a closer look, the angler found the stressed seagull thrashing about just centimetres above the water hanging with a thin plastic line stuck in its beak.

Lifting it back on to the boat and holding its head down, Lincoln used a pair of pliers to snip the wire before unravelling it from the bird’s wings and releasing it back on to the jetty.

Lincoln said: “It bitt me a couple of times but it was just a few little pinches.

“The bird would have been pretty stressed so I don’t blame him for trying to fight back, even if I was trying to save him.

“I have helped free a few other birds from fishing equipment before, but never in the same situation as this.

“I am guessing someone cast a baited line towards the area and it got stuck so they may have cut the line because they couldn’t get it back.

“It’s most often when hooks are left with bait on them by the small amount of irresponsible fisherman and birds come to eat it.

“I think as fishermen we all need to ensure we don’t leave any fishing equipment or rubbish in the environment.

“And if you see an animal in need, it often only takes a few moments to save a life so do it.”