Amazing Video

By Lucy Harvey


The stunning footage shows the incredible moment a base jumper gets distracted by the sight of a breaching whale and loses focus- thankfully he landed fine.

While Tim Howell, 30, was enjoying the beautiful view of the sea, surrounded by cliffs, something else captured his attention; a whale in the water.

The ex-Marine from Somerset, was base jumping in a small fishing town  called Nanortalik in Greenland in August this year.

Tim, is an extreme sports enthusiast and was focused on his base jump – up until he spotted the whale’s jump from above.

He got so distracted he eventually landed slightly harshly- he was fine though and got up with just a small injury on his hands.

Tim said: “I had  a mixed reaction, either focusing on my bad landing or the whales but amazed nonetheless.

“I was so amazed by the whales that I didn’t have time to focus on my landing pattern which resulted in me landing in a bad area.

“I was pretty high above them, maybe a couple of hundred metres”.