Amazing Life Video

By David Aspinall


A personal trainer has proved he’s a real tank by doing pull ups off the side of a moving vehicle.

Rome Wilkinson, who has been in the 1 Mercian Regiment for 10 years and training other soldiers for six years, likes to take his workouts to the next level.

Filmed at the Bulford gymnasium near Salisbury, Rome hung firm off the side of a huge tank as it drove across the barracks’ car park.

As the vehicle moved across shot, the stacked soldier performed picture-perfect pull ups with his feet clearly off the floor.

Rome said: “I always think of new out the box exercises that no-one’s seen before.

“I like to come up with new things, have a mad idea and just try it out.

“The more I train, the easier I find some of the harder stuff I never thought I’d be able to do

“While I weigh 82kg, I can deadlift 200kg, bench 120kg and squat 125kg.”