Amazing Nature

By Federico Cornetto


Two adventures found a mysterious volcanic crater of fluorescent red and green colours.

Bridget Thackwray, 25, and Topher Richwhite, 33, were visiting the Icelandic highlands in October when they found a crater is unknown even to most locals.

The adventurers drove their SUV up Rauðaskál – translated into English as – and captured its glowing red and green colours emerging from the black landscape.

The mysterious mountain is part of the Hekla volcanic system, known in Europe with the nickname ‘Gateway to Hell’.

Bridget said: “While planning our route through Iceland, Topher and I saw an image online of a crater that was different to anything we had seen before.

“We spent hours looking at Iceland by satellite map, putting markers on all the craters we thought resembled the exact shape and colour.

“After two days of driving the Highlands’ trails we finally located what we believed was the right volcano.

“We sent the drone up and saw the fluorescent red and green colours emerge from the black volcanic landscape.”

However, the volcano is so isolated that even most local aren’t aware of its existence.

Bridget said: “The closest inhabited building is a small gas station two hours away.

“We showed the girls who worked there images of the crater, they said they had lived in the area their entire lives but never seen it or even knew about it!”