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By Federico Cornetto


Two fashionable dog twins can grow eyelashes that are over five-centimetres-long.

Cocker spaniels Cloe and Nena, one, from Milan, Italy, have become a social media sensation after videos of their huge eyelashes went viral.

Owner Vittoria Di Castri, 22, says that, while their breed is known for having long eyelashes, Cloe and Nena’s ones are an exception.

According to Vittoria, Cloe’s in particular can grow over five centimetres long and need to be cut down periodically before they become excessive.

Vittoria said: “Cloe and Nena’s eyelashes are 100 per cent natural and often I need to cut them, trim them and even comb them.

“I have seen Cloe’s growing up to six-centimetres-long.

“She has had them very long since she was born, while Nena started growing hers when she was around eight-months-old.”