Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


An inventive pasta enthusiast has added an artistic floral touch to her dishes by creating flower patterned pasta.

Self-taught cook Fiona Afshar has created an array of edible art right from her kitchen in Malibu, California.

For the past year, the 54-year-old, has created an array of beautiful floral designed pasta that look more like pieces of art or sweet candy instead of the classic Italian cuisine.

With Fiona admitting that even patterns on socks can inspire her creative output she uses organic eggs, herbs and pasta colours, to create her array of mouth-watering visual treats.

Fiona said: “I find pasta making to be very gratifying.

“A pasta sheet is like a blank piece of canvas for me, I never know what the end product will look like, it’s always a surprise.

“I always loved baking and creating new recipes in a beautiful visual way and as a medium to express my artistic side.

“I saw pasta making as a way to challenge myself in both culinary and artistic ways. It’s fun, it’s playful and it’s delicious.

“Every time I create a new look for pasta, I’m overwhelmed with excitement and can’t wait to share it.”