By Neo Bye


Hearing this cat will make you look twice thanks to the distinct bird chirping noise made, rather than the conventional meow.

Civil aviation officer and Kuwaiti cat breeder, Khalid Alsanousi is currently looking after a British shorthair cat named Ellie who recently came into heat which alter the conventional behaviour of animals such as purring/meowing.

But Khalid had never heard a sound like the one that Ellie had produced on the evening of September 30, a distinct tweeting.

As Khalid pets Ellie, she continues to chirp and squeak unlike any other cat, others have compared the sound to a Pokémon.

Khalid said: “It is very rare to hear a meow that sounds like that.

“Cats are known for being loud during in heat period yet her voice sounded totally different from what a cat sounds like, anything but a cat.

“Ellie usually doesn’t meow much but the first time I heard her voice was when she was in heat!

“People were so shocked to hear a cat sound like this.

“I’ve been with cats since I was a toddler and nothing came close to the sound that was heard by me.”