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By Federico Cornetto


A team of urban explorers visited a creepy disused hospital on a semi-abandoned island.

Bob Thissen, 33, and his team of explorers visited Ikeshima, one of the over 500 abandoned islands in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan.

Formerly a coal mining site with a population of over 10,000, business in Ikeshima was terminated in 2001, and by 2018 the population had dropped to less than 200 people.

Bob, an experienced explorer, was able to find a huge hospital with perfectly preserved operation and dentist rooms, beds, wheelchairs and even incubators for newborn babies.

Bob said: “On Ikeshima island there is only one restaurant left, and most people you meet are fishermen.

“On the other hand, you can find very interesting abandoned spots to visit, such as this hospital.

“Everything in the hospital was well preserved, Japanese people have a lot of respect for abandoned places and there is no vandalism.

“The operation room was one of the best I had ever seen, big and perfectly intact.

“There were also a lot of leftover tools that looked like they were new.”