Life Offbeat

By Lucy Notarantonio


A colouring in book is a great tool to keep the little ones quiet during the speeches at a wedding but one guest was shocked when her son’s drawing resembled something slightly ruder than a two-tier cake.

When schoolboy Jacob Francis, 7, ran out of things to colour in, he decided to draw a cake of his own using a picture of a two-tier cake as a template.

His mum Hannah, 30, from Gillingham, Dorset, was left in hysterics when her little boy presented his drawing that resembles a penis.

He was so proud of his masterpiece and decided to put his own spin on it by adding drawings of ‘fruit’ making the ‘cake’ questionable.

Hannah, who is a lunchtime supervisor said: “I was trying not to laugh when Jacob showed me as I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

“As soon as I saw it one thing sprang to mind and when he added the ‘fruit’ I thought it was even funnier as it looks like something is wrong with it.

“My husband Glen, 31 and I have been laughing all week and our friends think it is brilliant too.

“The picture isn’t going to make into on the fridge, but we will definitely keep it in a memory book for him to look back on when he is older.”