Offbeat Video


By Joe McFarlane


A Scottish guy bought a transparent t-shirt after it was suggested to him on his Facebook newsfeed, resulting in a hilariously honest review.

As Darren Dowling was scrolling through his newsfeed, he saw a peculiar item that was suggested for him.

Taking a closer look, the 22-year-old saw to his surprise that a transparent t-shirt had been suggested as a good fashion choice for him.

Deciding to buy the item for £15, and forking out an extra £5 for express delivery, Darren filmed his hilariously honest review in his fIat in Glasgow.

Looking quite awkward and uncomfortable in the transparent t-shirt, Darren decided to skip the catwalk and proceeded to go about his daily routine as he cooked and cleaned in the revealing t-shirt.

Darren said: “It was horribly uncomfortable. The plastic felt cold but then as you heated yourself up it then became too warm and then felt even more horrible.

“Not a chance did I feel confident in it, it’s see-through! I didn’t leave my living room.

“I gave the t-shirt a three out of ten, just because it’s waterproof.

“I’d recommend it to people who work with water all day. It is a must for lifeguards.”