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By Niamh Shackleton


A couple have built a custom 13 FOOT bed so they can sleep comfortably with their seven dogs.

Jennifer Taylor, 49, and husband, Steve, 60, from Alabama, USA, wanted to be able to sleep with their four legged friends without having to sacrifice a good night’s sleep – so decided to build a bed most people could only dream of.

The pair completed their project in just a few days and Jennifer and Steve couldn’t be happier.

Jennifer, who describes herself as a full time dog mum and dog breeder said: “We’ve been married for almost 24 years and never had children – our dogs are quite literally our babies.

“As well as our five long haired dachshunds and two French Bulldog, we foster dogs too.

“It was way too many dogs to have in a normal sized bed with you at once!

“With that in mind, Steve and I decided to build a huge 13 foot bed so both us and the dogs could sleep in it.

“We wanted to make the foster dogs feel at home – as well as our owns pups of course – so built the bed so they could be super comfy and cosy with us.

“We got the wood for the bed for around £250 [$300] online, the two doors we used for the headboards for £15 [$20] off Facebook market place and the two mattresses were £470 [$600].

Jennifer and Steve are dog parents to five long haired dachshunds, Leyden, Robin, Sophie, Juno and Julia,  as well as two French Bulldogs, Brooklyn and Hemingway – their newest addition.

Upon deciding to build the bed, Jennifer and Steve bought two king sized mattresses and used two doors to create the headboard.

She added: “We kind of winged the whole thing really.

“We started off with the two mattresses then built the headboard around them and painted them to make them look nice

“We added some steps too to help them get us – all seven of them only have little legs, Hemingway especially as she’s only a puppy.

“My whole house has basically become a dog shrine!”