Life Offbeat Video

By Lucy Notarantonio


Newlyweds have wowed their guests with a jaw dropping 10 tier Disney themed cake that deserves a no Belle prize.

The Disney superfans Siobhan Perdue, 24, and Sean, 29, tied the knot on October 12 and opted for an unconventional wedding cake to match their film favourites theme.

The impressive cake was 3 ft 10 inches tall and each tier was made up of chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, toffee, caramel and carrot cake.

Siobhan from Swansea, Wales said: “When I first saw the cake, I almost cried it was perfect.

“It was the talk of the wedding, I had so many messages the following day about it – even more than the actual ceremony.

“I was so impressed, every tier was amazing and each one represented our guests table, the Toy Story themed table had figurines and balloons and the same with Frozen, Aladdin and the rest.

“We still have eight tiers left so I think we will be eating cake for the rest of the year!

“I am not willing to discuss the full price paid but I can disclose it was in excess of £1000.

“We both absolutely love Disney, the first film we watched together was ‘Beauty and The Beast’ – it only seemed right to have a Disney themed wedding.

“The flower girls were dressed as princesses too.”

The challenge was accepted by cake makers at Blissful Bakes and Tea Room in Swansea who took 22 hours to bake and decorate the whopping cake.

The manager, Mandy Heskins, 55, said: “We have never baked a cake this big before, six tiers is our biggest.

“We were all so excited to give it ago and were completely up for the challenge!

“It took six hours to bake each of the cakes and then 16 hours to decorate, it was fun for everyone but I imagine nerve wrecking for those who had to carry it.

“I would love to make more cakes like this in the future!”