Life Offbeat Video

By  Chanel Livesey

This squirting ear was treated by a consultant audiologist after it became infected and began discharging puss.

Neel Raithatha, known as the Wax Whisperer, was visit by an agitated scuba diver at his private clinic in Oadby, Leicestershire with an infection suffered through a scuba diving accident in the ear right canal.

The accident caused long-standing central-inferior perforation meaning that the ear contracted an infection after swimming on holiday.

Neel had to extract the discharge from the ear canal and did so using a slender suction device which also removed obstructing debris and otorrhea from his auditory passage.

The fluid is visible but Neel quickly and efficiently removes any trace of the rupture.

Neel said: “The client attended with Otitis Externa and Media of the right ear, he has a long-standing central-inferior perforation of his tympanic membrane (eardrum) following a scuba-diving accident.

“There was an offensive odour from his ear due to the infection.

“I successfully removed the occluding debris and otorrhea from his auditory meatus.

“There was visible middle-ear effusion (fluid) present, and therefore I requested the client to perform the Val Salva manoeuvre to see if this could be forced out of his middle-ear in order for me to suction it out.

“Once he had, I was able to suction the middle-ear effusion from his auditory canal.

“It was also quite dramatic to see fluid from the middle-ear being forced out into his ear canal.”