By Federico Cornetto


This satisfying video shows a man pulling huge multicoloured crystals out of a boiling pot.

Kazushige Nagashima, from Japan, is a bismuth crystals enthusiast who has gained a following on social media by uploading videos and pictures of his homemade creations.

Bismuth crystals are stunning objects with a complex geometric form and they can be easily ‘grown’ at home.

The crystals are also rainbow-coloured from the oxide layer that forms on them once they get in contact with the air.

Kazushige said: “I buy small blocks of bismuth metal online, then I melt them in a pot over my electric stove.

“Once the metal has melted, I turn off the stove, that’s when the bismuth starts to crystallise.

“I finally use pliers to pull the crystal out of the pot.

“It is the most beautiful crystal in the world.”