By Jack Mobley

This goose owner captured the moment his pet bird turned around and pecked at his nipple in this hilarious video.

Tim Braucht was hanging out with his goose, Ryan Gosling, without a shirt when the bird attacked Tim’s areola on their property in Blum, Texas.

According to Tim, Ryan was in a loud mood so Tim began recorded as Ryan likes to watch herself back on the screen.

Ryan honks a couple of times before turning to Tim and lunged out at the nipple, clamping down which provoked Tim to let out a scream.

Tim said: “It hurt like hell, hence the Goofy-like scream.

“She is very bonded to me and my wife, so she treats us like she would another goose.

“She is always trying to remove things from us that aren’t natural for a goose to have.

“I was not expecting her to bite my nipple. It caught me completely off guard.

“I can only assume she saw that as an abnormal thing, like a bug or something. So, she tried to remove it, like any good goose would do for another.”