When Brian Shaffer, 46, went down to the woods, he got a big surprise.

Nestled away in the trees outside of Hillsboro, Oregon, Brian and business partner Sarah Bennett, 47, came across a giant 727 plane.

The plane is currently in the process of being converted into a home by Bruce Campbell after the visionary purchased the behemoth from a salvage company.

Shipping the body and the wings separately, the plane now stands proud and fully constructed in the middle of the woods which is certainly a bizarre site to see.

Acting as a home; with a workshop, electricity and working bathroom, as well as a road trip stop-off and a music festival hang-out, Bruce has slowly converted his 727 into a multi-purpose structure instead of grounded scrap metal.

Brian said: “The airplane was a sight to see. It’s not every day you come across a full airplane in the middle of the woods, let alone one that someone is living in.

“The plane was roomy and comfortable enough to live pretty comfortably, several steps above RV camping.”