Animals Offbeat

By Randal Coombs


A 10-year-old dog rides in style in her very own custom-built sidecar.

Loving and inventive dog owner, Mark Witwicki, came up with an ingenious way for his ageing doggo to continue to get out and about.

Spending £1200 ($2,000 Canadian dollars) on materials and over 100 hours of time, Mark created a custom, comfortable ride for that could attached to his bike, meaning that for the past three years, 10-year-old Maya the Bullterrier has ridden in style in her very own custom-built sidecar.

Taking rides around her home of Lethbridge, Alberta, Maya looks completely at ease being chauffeur around town.

Mark said: “I wanted a way to take Maya with me for bike rides instead of her sitting at home.

“She still goes for daily walks but they are getting shorter and slower, so I needed some way of me getting some more exercise and her coming along.

“I wanted her beside me, so the sidecar idea seemed the best route.

“Maya expects our Saturday and Sunday mornings to be a walk and a ride. She just sits and enjoys the wind, the sun in her face, along with all the sights and smells that come with our rides. It’s good for both of us.”

And seeing a Doggo in their own custom-built sidecar has proven to be quite the spectacle around Lethbridge.

Mark said: “We get a lot of ‘WTF is that? Is that a dog in there?’ looks, along with some honks, and waves.

“We’ve had our pictures taken once or twice.”