By Jack Mobley

One London resident captured the moment a burst water pipe began flooding in Finsbury Park causing the road to subside.

Queen’s Drive resident, Rem Sutton, 29, noticed that water was leaking out of the road and drains flood on the morning of October 8.

Rem recorded some of the carnage on his daily commute just before 8am, the entire street was flooded and some of the road had subsided in the ground.

Gushing water surrounded parked cars as local residents stand by and watch the flooding continue.

According to Rem, the pipe was under repair or maintenance but unexpectedly burst causing chaos.

Ground floor flats and basements were severely flooded resulting in some evacuations while the remaining residents were without water until this morning of October 9.

Rem said: “I was on the way to catch the bus in the morning I saw a leak in the road, filmed it; and just as I walked away the road lifted up and water came flooding out.

“The whole road from there all the way down to the junction with green lanes is damaged, most houses on that road have basements or basement flats and we’re severely flooded.

“We were without water/low water pressure until the morning after.

“I was initially really confused as to what was happening.”

Thames water have since resolved this issue, tweeting: “Most customers are now back in supply, apart from a few isolated areas.

“If your water has been off it can take a little bit of time for the pressure in our pipes to build back up, so it may splutter to begin with.

“Flooding in the area has also subsided.”