By David Aspinall


A corgi puppy and a six-month-old baby met for the first time and instantly fell in love.

When Jessica Epps had her niece Evie over to her home in Cocoa, Beach, Florida, she just had to introduce her to three-month-old Winston.

With Evie’s carrier on the floor, the curious corgi strolled right over and climbed on her legs before going nose to nose with her.

It must have been love at first sight as Winston starts licking Evie and the enamoured youngster grins widely and giggles.

Jessica said: “This was the first time they met each other and they spent a few hours together after.

“I didn’t expect the reaction from either Winston or Evie.

“Winston was so gentle with her and Evie was both so cute and innocent.

“It just melted our hearts.”