By Taniya Dutta


This is the incredible moment a huge rhino was seen walking calmly on the roads of a crowded marketplace in Nepal.

The rhino that is believed to have strayed from the popular Chitwan National Park  was spotted walking past liquor shops and clothes showrooms as intrigued locals and tourists captured his movements in their mobile cameras.

Shankar Kandu Ravi, 31, one of the tourists from Uttar Pradesh in India, even followed the elusive animal for about ten minutes and even took selfies with it.

Ravi said: “I was on a trip to Chitwan National Park to celebrate my friend’s wife’s birthday on October 10.

“In the evening, my wife, the friend and his wife went to see a cultural program and I stayed back at a hotel.

“Suddenly my driver called me to tell about a rhino walking past our hotel. I rushed to the road and saw people were taking videos and pictures of the animals.”

Shankar said the rhino even came face-to-face with a couple but didn’t attack anyone.

“It was just acting to scare the couple. It warned people to not come close.

“Next morning, I had enquired about it and learnt that it returned to the  jungle early in the morning”