By Randal Coombs

A talented raven has learned to mimic humans and even utter the German phrase for ‘my darling’.

Wildlife photographer Lothar Lenz had discovered a tame raven at a nearby zoo in Eifel, Germany, with an extraordinary talent of listening and repeating phrases.

The raven has been treated with a broken wing when it was found, it is very friendly with humans and this led to it being so interested in copying the language.

The video shows the raven hopping around while squawking the phrase ‘mein schätzchen’ which translates to ‘my darling’ with pinpoint pronunciation.

Ravens are well-known for taking on phrases and copying other bird’s calls.

Lothar said: “The Common Raven (Corvus corax) Ramires lives in the Germany in the Eifel region in a zoo near the small town of Daun.

“He was already taken care of there as a young bird with a damaged wing, he cannot fly and therefore is often free to move.

“He’s just having nonsense in his head all day and constantly thinking about pranks.

“Often he amazes the visitors by imitating the language of his orderlies.

“Many people keep believing that this is a fake, but it is not, it very much imitates the human voice.”