By Lucy Notarantonio


A grandmother is flaunting her slim body in bikinis after claiming she feels fitter now than in her 30’s.

Lisa Willingham, from Texas, US, began piling on unwanted pounds after the birth of her two daughters Anna, now 41 and Kara, 37.

Once they were old enough to ‘flee the nest’, Lisa, then 50, began regularly exercising and drinking meal replacement shakes – she now feels more confident than ever flaunting her size 10 frame.


Lisa says the gym gave her a new lease of life and after quitting her profession as a teacher she became an online health and fitness coach.

She said: “I always liked working out but when I had the girls it became difficult for me to find the time as I was busy picking them up from here or dropping them off there.

“I began to accept my new size 14 to 16 frame as I thought ‘I’m a mum, this is how I am supposed to look’ but deep down I wasn’t happy with my body.

“I would never have dreamt of walking around in just my bikini and I would hide beneath baggy t-shirts and shorts.

“I am mentally and physically fitter now at 60 then before.

“I look back at when I was 30 something and don’t even recognise that woman anymore and it’s not just physically either. I have grown so much and am a totally different person today.

“It’s taken me a long time to really embrace my body and all of its “imperfections” such as cellulite, stretch marks, surgery scars and all.

“But now at the ripe age of 60, I have confidence, I’m a leader and mentor to others and I am healthy.”

When Lisa was 50-years-old, her daughters moved out and she began spending her spare time in the gym with her husband Joe, 63.

She was desperate to lose weight and tried weight loss tablets and fat burner which didn’t work.

But she soon discovered a meal supplement shake called ‘Beach Body’ and began to see results.

She wasn’t the only one who was impressed with her new physique, as her colleagues noticed and were keen to get into shape too.

Lisa went on to host her own after school work out and discovered a new passion – she decided to quit her job and start coaching people online.

She adds: “Once I started getting myself back into the gym and making my health a priority, I decided to change my life and coach others.

“My clients are 40 plus, and I help them on their fitness journey, it isn’t about the number on the scales, it is about being able to run after our grandchildren.

“It is never too late and I hope to inspire other women to do the same.

“I hope women can realise age is just a number that doesn’t define us and start focusing on fuelling their body with whole foods and daily exercise.

“I work out for 30 minutes a day and eat clean from Monday to Friday.

“I am so grateful that I found a system along with the tools, a super food shake and accountability to help me on my journey.”



To see more of Lisa’s fitness regime follow @fitwithlw on Instagram.